Word Cookies Tips And Tricks

What is Word Cookies game online? Well, this is a spelling game that was released last month and a lot of people have been enjoying this game. It is simply to play, easy to learn, and has a lot of puzzles to check your spelling abilities. Users will first be ranked as Home Cook and they should work their way up to the rank of Executive Chef.  You can do this by spelling words from alphabet cookie plates. As levels progress, the cookie plates add extra letters, and more difficulty, of course. Here are some tips and tricks if you are looking for few recipes to get better at the game.

Shuffle before Hints

You would notice the “hint” button starting to shake, attempting to tempt you with its quick assistance, as you plan the last words from the plate. It may appear like a great idea to spend just a bit of coin to pass through the word. However, it’s at this moment that you must be smashing the “shuffle” button like there is no tomorrow. You would be glad you saved your coins once you make it 7- and 8-letter cookie pans. Also, ensure that you log-in each day to get free coins and finish every bonus level for extra gold.

Utilize the Tiles

The empty grid of tile could frequently offer hints as you begin to fill it with letters. There appeared to be a universal trend that boards will list the words in groups depending on its 1st letter. Though it was not always the situation as boards develop to more complex, there were a lot of times the method worked.

Time is everything

You could spend as much time as you require to finish the puzzle with neither penalties nor bonuses for time.