What To Know About Dascoin

Many people will wonder what advantages Dascoin cryptocurrency has over Bitcoin which is the pioneer cryptocurrency and most popular. Is Dascoin similar to Bitcoin? Is it a legitimate cryptocurrency or a scam? Here is some Dascoin news that we all should consider as an advantage over using bitcoin.

  • Centralized Coin Emission
  • decentralized marketing force
  • KYC compliance
  • Equitable distribution
  • Scalability

Dascoin is accepted in over 60 million global outlets while Bitcoin is accepted as payment in just about 1 million global outlets worldwide. Dascoin has a KYC (know your customer) Compliance platform whereas Bitcoin doesn’t have one, making it easy for hackers to track transactions of various accounts.

Dascoin is accepted anywhere in the world where VISA, MasterCard, JCB and China Union Pay is accepted. Third party ATM’s and debit cards are needed for Bitcoin.

Dascoin has a company behind them that is recognized, while Bitcoin has no company management, thereby making it vulnerable to hacking. Dascoin can be used as a mobile banking platform where you can sit at home and transfer money to anyone in any part of the world and they can receive it in their own country currency. But with Bitcoin you can only transfer and receive from another person who also operates with Bitcoin

Dascoin has Smart contracts which are a computer procedure, projected to ease verification or administer the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart Contracts are used in the Blockchain to replace lawyers. Smart contract act as middle men and it saves time. In real life scenario you will have to see a lawyer, pay them and wait for a document to be processed. With smart contracts you simply pay with your cryptocurrency and your document drops into your account.

Smart Contracts are used for all sorts of financial payments such as house rent, insurances, and crowd funding agreements and so on. With Bitcoin you don’t get a smart contract and cannot be used for financial situations such as those mentioned above.