What Determines An Executive Condominium Price?

If you’re on the lookout for an Executive Condominium, one of the primary things that people would consider would most definitely have to be the price. With that said, a lot of those that get sold out early are usually the cheaper ones, as the tenants would not have to worry about fitting rental into their expenses.

Just as with any other ec, rivercove residences ec’s prices are determined by a lot of factors. What exactly determines the price of any Executive Condominium? Let’s find out below.

Developer’s Cost

The Developer is the single entity which has the greatest impact in terms of the Executive Condominium’s price. Conceptualization of the locations, dimensions for each room, as well as the contractor of choice would have an impact in terms of the developer’s cost. Most of the time, payment for this is made in bulk, with the one to hire the developers giving out payments in various installments.

Land Price

There are different means to determine the executive condominium price even if you use land as the sole determiner. It would definitely cost more for every square meter if you would purchase a lot for an executive condominium in the heart of the city. If the developer chooses to develop an executive condominium in places farther from district prices, it is expected that the prices would be lowered.

Location with Respect to Other Areas

The greater the number of business establishments, the greater the chance that its price would increase. Also, one of the things that determine the price is its proximity with respect to other condominium units. Competition is rampant in places where these ecs are clumped up together, and most would tend to lower the price as much as possible for them.