Tips in Winning a Game at CS:GO

Counter-Strike always has had a name for being difficult to start playing since its release in 1999. A person who plays it would have a story for you about severely they got owned when they started out first. Also, over the last decade and a half, countless of newbies have been scared off by the sharp learning curve of the game.

Another great thing about CS:GO is the skins of the weapon. You could get skins from cases and you could only open a case if you have CS:GO case opener.

Play Aim Maps

This training technique is a little traditional, and you do not see as much players doing this anymore. However, it is still a helpful technique to practice your aim of the weapons. Aim maps are maps specifically designed in a method that teaches you to have accurate aim. For instance, a lot of them would have walls that go up to the enemy’s neck, forcing to shoot at the heads.  This is a great thing to learn early and frequently practice since rifle headshots are very strong tool.

Watch Professionals Streams

There are several pros in CS:GO who stream regularly their practice match. You could learn much from them by watching how they communicate with the team, how they play, and much more. Not all players do this. However, it helps a lot.

Play with Players that are better than you

The benefit of doing this in essentially any ranked game can’t be exaggerated. You would badly lose if you play against and with players that are considerably better than you. However, you would quickly learn. Encircling yourself with professional players is a certain technique to quickly pick up the high-level game, even for a while it sucks when you are getting owned.