The Top Leaf Blowers of 2017

Cleaning your yard becomes incredibly tiring with the classing rake or broom, especially when hours have passed and you’re only half way to the finish line. Leaf blowers are able to provide the comfort and quickness when cleaning the yard. Just like with a rake or broom, leaf blowers help add to curb appeal by clearing debris, leaves and anything else away from the area. Majority of leaf blowers available today in the market are more than able to clean up small backyards to wide landscapes. According to review websites like it’s an ideal tool for your everyday homeowner and commercial landscapers.

Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Leaf Blower

The Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Leaf Blower is able to handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at the yard from leaves to all sorts of debris. Because of the lightweight build of the corded leaf blower, there’s only minimal fatigue. It comes with a two-speed motor which reaches speeds of 160 mph, meanwhile the tube is made up of two pieces which measure around 20” in length. Zero carbon footprint is emitted from this environmentally friendly lower, thus it leaves the user’s lungs free from any kind of gas fumes are the yard is being cleaned up. Also, the energy usage is reduced by 35% and is approved by EnergyStar.

The leaf blower weighs only around 4.5 lbs. and the extension cord has to be purchased separately since the package doesn’t include any. As for the loudness, the Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Leaf Blower is no louder compared to other leaf blowers. The manufacturers recommend using ear protection with everyday use even if the decibel rating is only 69.3. Using the blower indoors is not recommended since it’s too powerful, your home with look like a tornado hit.