Moultrie S-50I – One Of The Best Trail Cameras

Owning the Moultrie S-50I is great for your inventory of gear and equipment; it’s considered my many as the best trail camera, or one of the best, out there. you never know when exactly you’ll use any camera or equipment you own but it’s better to have it lying around just in case. Trail cameras are the go-to camera for capturing and recoding moments that require long waits at uncomfortable angles; just leave them there and they’ll do everything for you. Don’t have a trail camera yet? Go specifically for the Moultrie S-50I and here’s why.

Moultrie S-50I

First things first, since it’s the most crucial inquiry from a lot of potential clients, the Moultrie S-50I is more than able to produce clear pictures and videos; the colors are vibrant and realistic. Compared to the majority of trail cameras out there, the Moultrie S-50I is bulkier and large; though the plastic molding is a bit thick it’ incredibly sturdy. The latch may feel a little flimsy but that doesn’t mean that it’s not sturdy; users haven’t had any problems with them. Thanks to the internal viewer, the user has easy access to video playback and photos; this becomes an amazing feature when you need to preview the angle of the camera. Some of the popular settings include:

  • PIR Sensitivity
  • Security Code
  • Hybrid Mode
  • SD Card Overwrite
  • IR Shutter Adjustment

The only downside to Moultrie S-50I is that the batter consumption is incredibly high. Let’s say that the camera would take 35-day as well as 35-night photos for every 24 hours, the Moultrie S-50I will only last around 5.7 months on the 12 AA lithium batteries. These results are poor for regular non-cellular trail cams which make use of 12 AA batteries; in terms of battery life, it’s inefficient.