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Stockholm has been the talk of town for a while now. This place is a hotspot for tourist and there are a number of reasons why people love this place so much. Stockholm has an increasing number of tourists visiting, and the hospitality and services are impeccable, but what’s even better is the vast list of things you and your family could enjoy while holidaying here. If you’re planning a family vacation then it’s time to hop on a flight to Stockholm. If you’re wondering why, then you should know that you have the Segway Stockholm tour to explore the city. Here’s a list of some of the best things you could do while at Stockholm.


Stockholm is a hot city, and if you’re worried about the summer heat getting to you, don’t fret. Stockholm has some great activities that help you beat the hot summer heat and ensure you get your required dose of holiday fun. One of the must do activities at Stockholm is visiting the waterworld. This place is great for people of all ages. You will find something to interest you here no matter what you love doing.

Golf Course

If golf interests you the slightest bit, don’t forget to put this place down on your visit list. Stockholm has one of the best golf courses in the world and the best in Sweden. Even if you don’t know a lot about the sport, a visit here can help you learn quite a bit. You can also shop for some great sport equipment either for you or someone you know who loves golf.


A trip to Stockholm will be incomplete without a visit to the various malls. This is the best place to shop till you drop. If you’re looking for a relaxing day with your family, this is the place to be. Some of the malls have amazing movie theatres where you can catch up with some of your favorite movies and spend quality time with your family.