Influence of technology on our lives

We are living in that scenario where technology is the thing without which we cannot live our daily life. We need technology at every movement of our lives. If there would be no technology where would you see yourself without it?  Technology has an immoderate affect on our lives. But what we think is new is just an upgrade to something we had years ago. Like we now have LEDs which are just advancements to the TVs we had a long time ago. To know more about the relation of new technology and the technology we had years ago click here.

Disadvantages of modern technology

  • Technology is enhancing at such a pace that to gather knowledge about new and new technology is very tough. This has lead to increase in unemployment a lot.
  • We agree that technology has helped human culture a lot. On the other hand it has created a subculture of cyber culture. Most of the businesses feel safe that they have secured their information with the help of new technology. But that can be hacked and all their information can be leaked. This can cause business to a great downfall.
  • Technology work as a double-edged sword. It may have advantages but it has many disadvantages also. Most of the today’s youth is so much engaged in new and new technology that they have forgotten about their surroundings. Previously this was never seen.
  • With new and improving technology our work has become a lot easier but on the other hand it has increased the health problem a lot. It has increased the fear of nuclear war. Most of the children and adults are facing eye disease.
  • Technology has reduced the wastage of time. It has made everything possible. You can purchase anything without going anywhere. This has lead to health issues like overweight, weakening of bones and many more.

We live in an era where technology is very important but we should know how to use it. We should not let the technology to dominate us.