How to Choose the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Dressing to feel and look your best is all about concentrating on the positive. Indeed, almost every women have several things they would like to change in their body. However, choosing a complementing dress is the best chance to celebrate the body you are in. Trying to find the best dress at Dorothy Perkins discount code? Then it is time to eliminate that perfect body in your mind and work with all the amazing features you have.

Full Thighs and Hips

The dress must not be shorter than 1-inch or 2 above the knee for pear-shaped women. Pick a dress with an A-line skirt. However, don’t select something too full. A super fuller short dress would look like a tutu.

Full Waist

You might want to lengthen your torso’s appearance and bring away the attention from your waist if you’re apple-shaped with a thick waist. Pick a dress with a drop or empire waist to re-define your waist line. Avoid belts that are thick fixed around your waist and rather select a sash belt or chain hung low on your hips.

Best avoid cap-sleeve and sleeveless dresses to minimize fuller arms. Rather, pick bell and billowy sleeves that are full-length or 3-quarters to complement your upper body.

Small Bust

Avoid deep dropping necklines if you were not blessed with huge breasts. Pick dresses with a bandeau or scoop neck instead and sequins or other jewelleries to add tiny dimension up top. Right now, layered necklaces are very well-known and they could add a few depth and dimension to your bust.


For thin women, knit dresses or sweater are great choices. You could add layers to your dress like fitted jacket or cardigan to give you some weight. You could also add a dense belt to provide your waist more definition.