Dragon City Cheats For Unlimited Gold, Gems And Food

FragCheats.com is a website that offers an incredibly handy Dragon City cheat where all your problems with resources will be solved. Beginners won’t feel the frustration just yet since they’re in the easier levels, but for the rest it becomes frustrating real quick; resources become scarcer, it takes longer to level up and opponents are a lot stronger than you are. One way to level up faster and advance through the levels is to pay for certain items or resources with actual money and since not everyone is willing to spend we opt for harmless cheats.


Dragon City cheats from FragCheats will eliminate all your problems concerning gold, gems and food. No more threat of having to pay with actual money just to experience the whole gameplay. Regardless if you’re using a mobile device or desktop computer, the cheat will work. Creating the cheat and developing the codes was no easy task; the people behind the website invested hours of time and effort searching for a loophole. Once they found the loophole with the ideal code, they used a beta tester for a few weeks to make sure that it’s safe to use even on the updated versions of Dragon City.

Spending a considerable time searching for Dragon City cheats can be a tedious task and you’ll almost always stumble upon an outdated cheat or, worst case scenario, a harmful file. A handful will actually work but has limitations with the amount and number of usage not to mention the safety of the player’s account. But with FragCheats, you’ll experience the benefits below:

  • Updated versions on the cheats for desktop computers.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Unlimited amounts of gold, gems and food.

Latest versions for every mobile device, jailbreaking is not required.