Tips and Tricks for Smashy Road: Wanted

The not-so-popular game named Smashy Road got a sequel and it is Smashy Road: Wanted. And for a short time, this game has become a lot more popular. The game is like a crossover between Grand Theft Auto and Crossy Road. Your goal is to drive around the town and avoid the cops chasing you. You can either win the game using some Smashy Road cheat database or follow the tips below.

Rules of the Game

The car automatically drives. You only have the ability to control it by going right or left, or to reverse and break by simultaneously hitting R and L pedals. Be careful not to oversteer because your car easily drifts. When you get cornered, you can quickly reverse so that you do not sit still for too long and get busted.

Every time you find the “free money” button, press it and you will open instantly a gift containing money. Every time that you find the “earn money” button, you tap it and you will have to watch a video. After watching, you will earn around 20 cash. After earning 100 cash, you can pull the gumball machine and have a new vehicle.

Cars and Cops

Every car has various features. There are several cars that run slower on the road but faster off-road. There are also cars that are faster on the road but slower off-road.

Wrecking the cops is the best way to lose them. They cannot turn as much as you can, that is why turning a quick 180 can cause them to crash. You can also go off the road and drive through buildings so that you can lose them and destroy several of them.

Explore around. Do not just stay in the desert or city.

Reliable Madden Mobile Hack For Awesome Football Gaming

If you want to maximize your mobile football gaming, you would want to use Madden mobile hack for unlimited amount of currencies you can use. This can surely give you tremendous advantages, and can let you buy all the in-game stuff you need to move forward in the game. However, you should look for a reliable generator to avoid problems such as being banned from Madden.

Looking for Reliable Madden Mobile Hack

If you want to use mobile hack for Madden, you should find a reliable generator that won’t cause you any problem. You don’t want to be banned from the game, or get your account being shut down.  Thus, you should consider these factors to find the best Madden mobile hack to use:

  1. Read through online reviews of Madden players. You can easily find a reliable generator through this method, especially that reliable and working hacks usually have high rates of positive feedbacks.
  2. Don’t go for hacks that requires you to download anything. This is for you to avoid having malwares and viruses infecting your device’ system. Go only for online generators for your device to be free from harm.
  3. Your account ID should suffice upon using a generator, and you should never submit some other contact info. You should avoid generators or websites that would require you to submit your personal contact info. This is for you to avoid malicious attacks from strangers on the web.
  4. Generators that asks for payments whether big or small doesn’t guarantee reliability. Thus, you should not bother about the price rates. It would even be best to go for free to use generators to avoid spending anything.

Consider these factors, and you can find a good Madden mobile hack that you can use for your gaming! This can help you to have huge amount of currencies conveniently, without putting yourself at risk.

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